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The owner has a really great knowledge about it... and she is really professional. I didn't know anything about gluten free foods but I know now. A to Z -They almost have everything. I love cupcakes!” - Kursad Y

“...Christine,the owner has shared with us her family's personal experience with Celiac Disease that affects 1 in 133 individuals. If you are living a gluten-free lifestyle our choice is Naturally Free Food…” - Donna K

“Naturally Free Food is a great source for anyone who is on a Gluten-Free diet. Too often I don’t know what gluten-free products taste best.. which leads to a lot of money being thrown away. The owner of Naturally Free Food has taken the guess work out of the shopping experience. All the products they carry taste good. I have never been disappointed with a purchase.” - Michelle N

“Hello! …my order of stromboli, broccoli calzone, and pizza bites were absolutely delicious, and I have been craving more!! It was so nice to be able to have what I love and not worry about feeling sick afterwards. I also had the allergy to soy. I will place another order this week. Thanks!” - Gina